Personal Computer Support in Shimla !

Personal Computer Support !

From desktops computers, laptops & game consoles, or any PC Support Services We offers complete service.

We are serving residents and businesses in the local and extended area, we offer professional and dependable services at reasonable rates. From desktops, laptops & game consoles, our PC Support Services offers complete service and supplies for your home or business. If you are looking to upgrade your computer, install a wireless network, remove annoying spyware or viruses, or purchase computer or printer accessories, you can count on us for honest, reliable and affordable sales and service. We are a fraction of the cost of the Geek Squad!

In today’s economy, we understand that times are tough and money is tight; but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a non-working computer. PC Support offers dependable products and services, at the lowest price. You just won’t find the same quality of work for a cheaper cost – ANYWHERE!

  • Operating System Installation (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11)
  • Software Installation & Configuration
  • Virus Spyware, Malware Installation or Removal
  • Laptop, Desktop Hardware & Networking Support
  • All type of Hardware (RAM, Hard disk, keyword etc.)

System boards, processors, fan sinks, hard drives, memory, DVD drives, power supplies, video cards, modems, Ethernet cards, cables, speakers, keyboards, mice, plastics & covers.

Do you want a computer that requires a specific hardware or software configuration to fit your needs? Then a custom-built system is just for you. Why pay for hardware and software that you don’t need, and will never use. You will get exactly what you want. Whether it is a powerhouse PC or just a computer with minimal basics, a custom-built PC or workstation can often save you a great deal of money.

Learn basic or advanced computer skills in your own home at your own pace.

The computers we use are complicated machines that require regular maintenance to keep them performing at their peak. Dust is constantly being drawn in from fans inside your computer. This causes overheating issues and reduces the life of your PC. Also, over a period of time, your PC will start to run slower because of un-needed files building up on your hard drive. Preventative maintenance cleanings should be performed about every 6 months to keep your computer running at peak performance.