let's dive into the exclusive & lesser known, hidden, and surprising facts about Meta Horizon's VR makeover

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The concept of Meta Horizon was first envisioned by a group of visionary tech enthusiasts back in 2012

With Meta Horizon, you can host virtual social gatherings with your friends and family from anywhere in the world

Flight Path

Walk the streets of Tokyo, explore the wonders of Paris, or visit ancient Rome without leaving your living room.

Meta Cityscapes

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 Offers unique workout experiences where you can exercise in mesmerizing virtual environments, making fitness routines more enjoyable and engaging.

offers virtual time-traveling experiences, taking you to significant moments in history.

Time-Traveling Escapes

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It allows certain VR games to be controlled using brainwave signals, blurring the line between technology and the human mind

Mind-Controlled Gameplay

Meta Horizon supports interactive storytelling experiences, where users can influence the plot and make decisions that impact the narrative's outcome.

Get up close and personal with your favorite celebrities through exclusive VR meet-and-greet events.

VR Celebrity Meet-and-Greets

Experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with VR casino nights, featuring an array of classic casino games and social interaction with other players

VR Casino Nights